442 Woodstock Road (Route 4), Woodstock, Vt. 05091

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(802) 457 - 7281

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Worthy Kitchen, Woodstock, Vt.


Worthy Kitchen is located at 442 Woodstock Road, (Route 4), Woodstock, Vermont.

The gravel parking lot has two handicapped spaces behind the building very close to the street-level, single door. This door leads through a PT clinic to the building lobby. The main entrance requires five wooden steps to the double-door entrance and building lobby.  Another set of double-doors lead to the restaurant itself.

Wooden floors, high and low tables, booths, a full height bar/counter are within.  There is ample space to navigate.

Food and drinks are ordered at the counter. One is given a  pager to know when the order is ready.

Two, large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms are located in the building lobby.  One restroom has a baby-changing station.

There is a wooden,  outdoor dining deck.


    Surface of lot:  gravel
    Distance to venue:  very close
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  uneven
    Places to rest:  none outside
    Paths and walkways:  gravel
    Doors:  single door
    Number of floors:  1
    Elevators:  no
    Ramps:  no
    Steps and staircases:  five wooden steps to deck and double door entrance
    Width of aisles:  ample space
    Places to sit:  high & low tables, bar/counter
    Location of restrooms:  building lobby
    Type of restroom:  large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy
    Baby changing station:  yes
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly
    Notes:  There is a wooden, outdoor dining deck.

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We had passed Worthy Kitchen several times on our drives between Killington and Quechee. Somehow, it had never been the right time to stop.  Today was the day!  We drove up the hill to the gravel parking lot in front  of the main entrance and made our way up the five wooden steps to the deck and double door main entrance.  This got us to the lobby of the building.  If steps are a problem, don’t worry, you can go the right side of the building, around back to the two handicapped spaces that are located very close the the street-level, single door entrance, (which will take you through the PT clinic) to the building lobby. Another set of double doors led to Worthy Kitchen. 

As I was began to look around at the interesting, rustic setting, we were greeted by a lovely young woman who asked if we had been here before. When we answered, “no ,” she proceeded to explain the chalkboard menu and counter ordering process. A “gourmet, farm-to-table” (website)  approach causes the menu to change frequently, thus the chalkboard menu. A very interesting menu it was, with choices on this day from burgers, to fried chicken, to shrimp, salads, mac and cheese, veggie burgers and more, plus 18 choices of craft beers on tap. 

The space is divided into several dining areas with high and low tables, booths, and a full-height, counter/bar. Floors are wood. There is ample space to navigate throughout.

Although described as “fast food” I would not call it that at all.  Everything is prepared to order, so one should expect the order to take some time. We were given a pager to know when our order was ready.  My veggie burger was  one of the best I have ever had. My husband’s shrimp entree and side order of mushrooms were delicious.  He also loved the new beer he tried.  Worthy Kitchen is definitely “worthy” of a visit if you are anywhere near here.

Two, large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms are located in the building lobby. One of them has a baby-changing station. 

There is an outdoor dining deck , facing Route 4. We will definitely be back to dine out here this summer, or inside, the next time we are up here!

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