"On the Marc Patient Advocacy Services," helps guide patients through the healthcare system. Marc increases the quality of life for seniors and adults with disabilities. Having been born with a disability himself, he has the empathy, drive and core values which help him provide a deeper level of care for those he serves. Visit their website,, or contact him at (516) 749-6135,

For over 45 years, Bussani Mobility has served people living with physical disabilities in the NY Metro area. They sell, service and rent wheelchair accessible vans. They also offer a full-service auto shop, 24-hour emergency service, special financing options, and insurance services. Visit any of their locations (Bethpage and Smithtown on Long Island, and Mamaroneck in Westchester), click on or call 516-938-5207

With Occupational and Physical therapy being our major focuses and specialties, we invite you for a courtesy consultation with one of our experienced therapists!

The Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy was founded in 1996 as a support group for people harmed by their medical care and incorporated soon after as Pulse of NY. The name was changed in 2016 to reflect our community based educational programs in patient safety and advocacy. Our goal has always been to empower patients and their families to be active members of their healthcare teams and support them through this journey. Research shows that involved and informed patients get better results. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the country and cost the economy as much as $20 billion a year.

There are three ways Sea Star Strategy can be of service to your business goals:

  • Let us know what your goals are and we can design a plan within your budget to accomplish them.
  • Don’t want to run the plan yourself? Who can blame you, how many hats are you expected to wear anyway??? See the section titled Marketing
  • Design & Implementation. We’d be happy to do it all for you.

Able Newspaper has been THE NEWSPAPER FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS. It is widely known in the disability community; a monthly newspaper that is published for, by and about the disabled, with the focus on the Able.