18 Greenwich Avenue, Bayville, NY 11709

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(516) 628 - 9868

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Walls Wharf


Wall's Wharf is located at 18 Greenwich Avenue, Bayville. Valet parking is usually available in the paved, parking lot. A stone walkway leads to the street-level, single door  main entrance and  hostess area. There are benches just outside the entrance.

There are three indoor dining areas and a tap room.   The upper level of the outdoor deck dining can be accessed by walking through the tap room, and up a slight incline to the door leading to the deck. Seating on the lower deck requires three steps down. Sometimes there are tables on the sand.

Multi-stall, handicapped-accessible restrooms are located in the hallway between dining rooms.There is no baby-changing station.


    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  very close
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  benches at entrance
    Paths and walkways:  stone walkway to entrance
    Doors:  street-level
    Elevators:  no
    Ramps:  no
    Steps and staircases:  three steps to lower level of deck
    Width of aisles:  adequate
    Places to sit:  chairs and tables
    Location of restrooms:  in hallway between dining rooms
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall, handicapped-accessible
    Ease of entry and exit:  good
    Baby changing station:  no
    Friendliness of staff:  very pleasant
    Notes:  * There is often valet parking.

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One of our favorite places in the summer is Wall’s Wharf, a family run restaurant located directly on its own private beach in Bayvlle – two levels of deck dining and some tables, literally, on the beach.  There are also three indoor dining areas, and a very popular bar.  Our love is to sit and enjoy the fabulous view of Long Island Sound, along with a lovely lunch or dinner.  The servers are always pleasant and accommodating. When we go for dinner we try to coincide with sunset.  We are not the only ones with this idea, so there is often a long wait to be seated.  But don’t despair, while you wait, you can always try to find a seat in one of the Adirondack chairs provided on the wooden deck next to the restaurant.  Note that you must walk on the sand to get to this deck.  Bring your own chair  or hang out in the parking  lot to watch sunset while you wait.  It is often so crowded that the line just to get to the parking lot goes down the block to Bayville Avenue and around the corner.  Valet parking is usually the norm. A birthday celebration brought us here tonight. It was a perfect setting for celebrating. Fabulous location, wonderful view,  good food and good service! We couldn’t have asked for more!

Kids always seem happy to be here.  They can play on the beach or walk along the water (with supervision of course)  while the adults finish eating.

The street-level single door main entrance gets you to the hostess area. Check in here. To get to the outdoor deck you need to walk through the large tap room, then a slight incline to the door leading to the upper level of the wooden deck.  If steps are a problem ask for seating on this level. If you can do steps you might want to sit closer to the sand and water. If it is easier for you, go around to the left of the building, beyond the parking lot, to the sand.  Sitting in the dining room, with its picture windows, is also an option, just not for me.  Tables and chairs on the deck are not very far apart, but I think certainly worth the trade-off for being outside.

Multi-stall, handicapped-accessible restrooms are located in the hallway between dining rooms.  There is no baby-changing station.

As always, we at Destination Accessible advise you to check a venue’s website,, when planning a visit, to “know before you go.”



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