2799 Esperanza Crossing, Austin, Texas

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(512) 221 - 5950

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Top Golf



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While visiting our son in Austin, Texas, we visited a venue unlike anything I had ever been to.  Top Golf is unique.  Yes, it is essentially a golf driving range, but it has been re imagined in ways I have never seen.  Of course, this being Texas, everything is large.  Top Golf is no exception!

We drove into the large, paved parking lot, with seven handicapped spaces.  There is an easy passenger drop-off area, with complimentary valet parking when it’s busy.

A ramp, or eight steps got us to the automatic entrance doors.  Once inside we found ourselves in the large lobby area, kind of like a hotel check-in area.

Here’s how it works: you need to have a membership card (no charge). Then you go to the Concierge to sign up for a time to use one of the golf bays. If none are available you check-in and they call you on your cell-phone when one is ready. Cost is based on time – not on number of golf balls used. You can sign-up for at least 1/2 hour at a time (check the website for pricing, as it changes).

We took advantage of our wait time to check out this three level venue.

A levels have multi-stall, handicapped accessible restrooms with baby-changing stations.  All levels have golf bays.

The main level has a large bar area where you can watch TV or the golfers, order drinks and food.

The upper level has an outdoor bar area as well as a lounge area and game room.

The lower level has some private rooms for events, parties, etc.

We got our phone call, were assigned a bay and made our way to it.  Not only is there an interesting system for practicing (which I can’t really explain, but the computer screen in each bay can), there are couches and a table for eating, drinking and relaxing.  It was like we were in our own little lounge area. We were amazed to see golf clubs available in each bay (both men’s and women’s).  Even though my husband is a “lefty” he was able to borrow clubs from the pro shop.  Gloves and a few other items were available for purchase.

Each of us had some fun driving golf balls at the  interesting system of targets.  The computer at each bay kept track of our drives.  So interesting and so much fun!  My son told us that the targets are lit up at night offering yet another dimension.

We ordered drinks and snacks which were brought to us by a lovely server.

We were here at 1:00 pm on a day when the temperature 99 degrees.  The multitude of fans and shade made sitting there quite comfortable.  My son has been here in winter as well.  He said that the overhead heaters (which you can control) provide amazing comfort.

All areas are spacious and easy to navigate.  In talking to the Concierge, I was told that the end bays are wider than the others so that they can accommodate a wheelchair user.  He said that they would work with anyone to make it accessible  Either call ahead or ask when you arrive.  Everyone we met seemed anxious to make us feel welcome.

Top Golf has locations in Texas and Oklahoma.  We had a great time ill definitely return on our next visit.

As always, we at Destination Accessible, advise you to check a venue’s website, www.topgolcom, when planning a visit, to “know before you go.”



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