412 Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

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631) 928-9100

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Theatre Three, Port Jefferson


Theater Three is located at 312 Main Street, Port Jefferson. Parking may be available on the street. In the evening,  parking is allowed in the lot in front of the stores next door. There are four handicapped spaces in this paved parking lot.

Double doors at street level lead to the box office.  Another set of doors lead to the carpeted, lobby area.To the left is a large, carpeted living room-like area with seating.

A single-occupancy, accessible restroom is located in this area. Five steps down from this area are multi-stall restrooms as well as the Comedy Club that occupies the lower level of the building. Another set of accessible restrooms can be found down a ramp  located to the right of the stairs leading to the theater itself.

Twelve carpeted steps lead up to all seats.  A lift is available if necessary. There are no steps in the theater itself.  There are wide aisles and spacious seats until Row M.

Wheelchair and companion seating is available at the back of the orchestra section. Please let the box office know if you require these. There are no restrooms located on the theater level.


    Attraction Type:  theater
    Number of accessible spaces:  *there is no dedicated parking lot
    Location of accessible spaces:  The lot next door has four accessible spaces
    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  depends on where you park
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  na
    Paths and walkways:  concrete sidewalks
    Location of accessible entrance:  main entrance
    Doors:  two sets of double doors, then another set of double doors to lobby area
    Number of floors:  2
    Elevators:  a lift
    Ramps:  to restrooms
    Steps and staircases:  12 up to seating, 5 down to comedy club
    Width of aisles:  very spacious until Row M
    Places to sit:  seating in lobby area
    Location of restrooms:  **
    Type of restroom:  one is single-occupancy, accessible, others are multi-stall
    Ease of entry and exit:  ok
    Baby changing station:  no
    Available food services:  drinks & snacks during intermission on lower level
    Friendliness of staff:  friendly and helpful
    Notes:  * There is no dedicated parking lot. Parking may be available on the street. In the evening one can park in the lot next door which has 4 accessible spaces.** A single-occupancy restroom is located in the living room-like waiting area. Multi-stall restrooms are located five steps down, near the Comedy Club. Multi-stall,accessible restrooms are also located down a ramp to the right of the stairs leading to the theater itself.

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This was our first visit  to Theater Three since Covid. We  had enjoyed our previous experiences and so decided to see, Agatha Christie’s, “Murder on the Orient Express.” It was wonderful! The performers were superb, the sets inventive and of course, the story is terrific!  One does not need to go into Manhattan to find excellent theater.

Theater Three is a National Historic Landmark in the heart of Port Jefferson.  The theater is located on Main Street. There is no dedicated parking lot. Being a Sunday, we were able to find parking in a nearby lot. If  it is evening, you can probably park in the lot for the stores close by.

Street-level, double doors lead to the box office entrance, with another set of doors to the lobby area. There is a large, carpeted, living room like area to the left, where there is some seating available. There is a single-occupancy, accessible restroom in this area. If you can walk down five steps you will find the multi-stall restrooms, as well as a Cafe and entrance to the Comedy Club that occupies the lower level of the building. There are also another set of restrooms to the right of the stairs in the lobby.

When the theater doors open for you to go to your seats, don’t be surprised by the 12 carpeted steps that are required to get to all seats. If you are unable to do the steps, there is a lift on the right side that will get you there.

Once you are at theater level there are no more reps. The aisles are wide and the seats (until Row M) are spacious enough that you do not have to stand up if someone needs to pass you. The seats above this row do not have nearly as much room!

If you want a snack at intermission you must go downstairs to get them. 

As we said previously, the show was great! We can’t wait to return!

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