770 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11024

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(516) 487 - 6666

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Shiraz, Great Neck


Shiraz is located at 770 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY.   The paved parking lot (around back), has three  (I believe ) handicapped spaces.  Stone is on the ground, to the street-level, double door entrance. Inside, tile covers the floor. Tables and chairs have ample space between them.   One of the three single-occupancy restrooms is handicapped-accessible and has a baby-changing station.


    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  about 1/2 block from parking lot
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  none in parking lot
    Paths and walkways:  stone walkway in shopping area
    Doors:  street-level, double doors
    Number of floors:  1
    Elevators:  no
    Ramps:  none
    Steps and staircases:  none
    Width of aisles:  spacious throughout
    Places to sit:  tables and chairs
    Location of restrooms:  in hallway behind dining room
    Type of restroom:  Three, single-occupncy restrooms; one is handicapped-accessisble, with baby-changing station
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy
    Baby changing station:  yes
    Friendliness of staff:  very courteous and helpful
    Notes:  Parking can also be found on the street.

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Meeting a friend for an early dinner in Great Neck brought me to Shiraz.  It is located in a small shopping center in what is considered “The Old Village” of Great Neck. Parking is in a paved, parking lot behind the building. I believe there are three handicapped spaces. Parking back here means walking through the middle of the center, the equivalent of about half a block, to the restaurant’s entrance. If you want someone to be closer, drop off him/her off on Middle Neck Road, then go around back and park.

Street-level, double doors led me into this lovely venue. Tile on the floor, tables and chairs arranged so that there is easy navigation between tables, lovely window coverings, chandeliers, and artwork, all serve to make this a very inviting place.

Once we were seated, our server presented us with a variety of dishes, including hummus, pita, olives and pickles, to nibble while we surveyed the extensive menu.   Asking questions presented no problem, as he was gracious about everything. Decisions made, we had time to “catch up” about our lives. Conversation was easy because none of the tables are close together.  Our dinner choices were excellent, the portions quite large.  I had enough left over for dinner the next night!

Three single-occupancy restrooms are in a hallway behind the dining room. One of them is handicapped-accessible, and has a baby-changing station.

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