20 Sagamore Hill Road, Oyster Bay, Y 11771

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(516) 922-4788

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Sagamore Hill National Historic Site


Sagamore Hill is located at 20 Sagamore Hill Road in Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY.

The paved parking lot has five handicapped spaces - all of which are van-accessible.

Walkways throughout are either compacted gravel, or blacktop.

There are some benches along the outside of the parking lot.

Street-level, double doors are at the entrance to the visitor center.

A slight ramp leads from the back of the visitor center to a covered picnic area with tables and benches.

Ramps lead to the multi-stall, handicapped-accessible restrooms which  are equipped with baby-changing stations.

The visitor center has a gift area and some packaged snacks.

""Old Orchard""  is about .2 of a mile from the visitor center. If one has a handicapped permit, one can park close to the main entrance (4 steps ) .  The street-level, handicapped entrance is around back. Old Orchard is a single floor museum focusing on different aspects of Roosevelt's life.

Roosevelt's home is up a hill behind the visitor center.  There is no parking available here. One can take the paved path or the packed gravel path. The packed gravel is marked with a handicapped accessible sign.  The paved path is a bit steeper but much smoother.

At the home there is a ramp or five steps to the wooden porch.  The first floor of the home is handicapped-accessible.  Steps are required to visit the second and third floors.  If one is unable to do the steps a video is available. Floors are smooth and although not spacious, there is room to navigate.

There are walking trails on the grounds.


    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  close
    Transportation to venue offered:  *
    Terrain:  most is flat, but hill to Roosevelt's home
    Places to rest:  benches thrghout
    Paths and walkways:  paved or packed gravel
    Doors:  ***
    Elevators:  no
    Ramps:  to restrooms and to porch of Roosevelt's home
    Steps and staircases:  to 2nd & 3rd floor in Roosevelt's home
    Width of aisles:  adequate everywhere
    Places to sit:  benches can be found, also tables and benches in picnic area
    Location of restrooms:  behind visitor center
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall, handicapped-accessible
    Ease of entry and exit:  OK
    Baby changing station:  yes
    Available food services:  some packaged snacks in visitor center, beverage machine in back of building
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly and knowledgeable
    Notes:  *website states that one can request a ""green vehicle"" to take one to Old Orchard or Roosevelt's home. Call to inquire (516) 922-4788** Handicapped entrance to visitor center is at main entrance. Handicapped entrance to Old Orchard is around back of building Handicapped entrance to Roosevelt home is up ramp to porch*** Double doors at visitor center and Old Ochard Single door at Roosevelt home**** One floor in visitor center and Old Orchard Three floors in Roosevelt home - steps to 2nd & 3 floors

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I have lived on Long Island for more than forty years, and fairly close to Sagamore Hill, but I had never been to visit it.  When it reopened, after being closed for several years for renovation, we finally made an online reservation to tour the house.  One can just “walk up” and try to sign up for a tour if any are available on that day.  The website says they usually are gone by 10-12 noon. We decided not to take a chance.

We drove up to a fairly large, paved parking lot.  There are five handicapped spaces – all of which are van-accessible.  The walkways near the parking lot are compacted stone, which seemed to be the case throughout this venue.

We started at the visitor center, where we picked up our tour badges.  Access to this building was easy, through double doors. Exiting through the back door we found a slight ramp down to more packed gravel.  Ramps back here lead to multi-stall,  handicapped-accessible restrooms, with baby-changing stations.  Behind the visitor center we found a large tented picnic area, a nice touch, especially on a very warm, sunny day.

We had come early in order to have time to look around, so we headed to” Old Orchard,” the house that now houses “The Roosevelt Museum at Old Orchard. “  It is about two tenths of a mile from the visitor center to Old Orchard, either through the paved parking lot or on the packed gravel path.  If you have a handicapped sticker you can park directly in front of the entrance.  Of course, a passenger can always be dropped off here. There are four steps to the main entrance. The street-level, handicapped entrance is around back.  The carpeted interior is easy to navigate with benches throughout the galleries as well as the lobby area. 

The Museum features three exhibit areas and a video theater on the first floor. The first room focuses on Roosevelt’s early life. The second room is devoted to his presidency and the third room explores his post-presidency years. (website) Although not large, I found the museum filled with interesting information.

From here we thought about taking a look at some of the walking trails. We changed our minds after seeing the tick warning signs and realizing that we did not have long pants/sleeves, etc. Instead, we walked back to the visitor center and up the hill to await our house tour.  One can either take the paved path which is somewhat steeper, or the packed gravel path, which is marked as handicapped-accessible.  After walking both of them I would personally opt for the paved path with a wheelchair.

Unlike “Old Orchard,” which has handicapped parking, there is none near the house.  The website says that one can request a “green vehicle” if one needs assistance to get to the home. When I inquired at the admission desk, no one knew anything about this, so I would call (516) 922- 4788 ,  to check it out if you are interested.

Once we arrived at the home we found an easy ramp to the large, wooden porch. We had time to sit on one of the lovely rocking chairs to wait for our tour to be called.  We looked out over the large lawn and down to the trees below, knowing that in Roosevelt’s time there were no trees blocking a view of Oyster Bay Harbor and Long Island Sound.  It must have been beautiful!

The first floor of the house is handicapped-accessible, although certainly not spacious!  Steps are required to get to the second and third floors. If one cannot do the steps a video is available. Our tour was led by a Park Ranger. One of the most interesting things to me was the fact that 95% of the furnishings, etc. are “original” to the house because it was in the family until being donated. It was fascinating to see all of the “big game” heads mounted on the walls and the many animal skin rugs that Roosevelt either hunted himself or were “gifted” to him.

As always,we at Destination Accessible advise you to check a venue’s website,,  when planning a visit , to “know before you go”



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