217 North Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre, NY. 11570

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(516) 544-2253

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Polka Dot Pound Cake, Rockville Centre


Polka Dot Pound Cake is located at 217 North Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre, NY.
Parking must be found on the street. Make sure to check the parking signs before parking.
There are two, street-level, single doors to enter.
Floors are smooth, tables and chairs are well spaced for easy navigation.
There is a lounge area, with a sofa and chairs.
One orders at the counter.
There is a large, single-occupancy, accessible restroom in the rear.
There is some outdoor seating on either side of the entrance.


    Attraction Type:  dining
    Number of accessible spaces:  *parking must be found on the street
    Location of accessible spaces:  *
    Surface of lot:  na
    Distance to venue:  depends on where you park
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  na
    Places to rest:  na
    Paths and walkways:  concrete sidewalk in front of entrance
    Location of accessible entrance:  main entrance
    Doors:  two, street-level, single doors, next to one another
    Number of floors:  one
    Elevators:  na
    Ramps:  na
    Steps and staircases:  none
    Width of aisles:  ample space throughout
    Places to sit:  tables and chairs, sofa and chars
    Location of restrooms:  in read of dining area
    Type of restroom:  large, single-occupancy, accessible
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy
    Baby changing station:  no
    Available food services:  bakery items, lunch, brunch, Afternoon tea service
    Friendliness of staff:  extremely friendly
    Notes:  * make sure to read the parking signs carefully * there is no dedicated parking lot

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A business meeting brought me to Polka Dot Pound Cake, Rockville Centre, one of the sweetest places I have ever been. The moment I walked in the street-level, double doors, I was greeted with a big smile, and warm welcome. The first thing I noticed was the bakery like setting, and a small shop area (with cute items) in the front. A bit to the left is the living room area, with a couch, table and comfortable chairs. Behind this area is what I would call the dining area, a collection of different sizes and shapes of tables and chairs. The decor seems to be “shabby chic,” which in my mind means “cozy and comfortable.” Tea cups and saucers, plus tea pots, are displayed in cabinets. 

As soon as I sat down, the person who had invited me, arrived.  She explained that you can order pastries, tea, coffee, salads, sandwiches, and even have an Afternoon-tea service!  There is quite a variety of pastries and pound cakes to choose from. My cappuccino was perfectly made, with the foam lasting to the bottom (which is one of the ways I judge cappuccino). The maple, cinnamon scone was too delicious!  I made a mental note to return for “Afternoon Tea.”  You order at the counter and can have it brought to your table, or just wait for it. Everything here is made “in house,” and you can tell. As we sat and talked I couldn’t help but notice the steady stream of customers, most of whom the person behind the counter seemed to know, a tribute to both their food and friendliness!

A large, single-occupancy, accessible restroom is located in the rear of the dining area. There is ample room to enter and exit. 

There is some outdoor seating on either side of the entrance. I will be happy to relax out here when the weather is warmer.

I almost forgot to mention parking. This is a store-front venue, on the street. Parking has to be found on the street. Be careful to look at the signs because some of them are one-hour parking, some are two-hour parking. I didn’t notice any longer parking on any of the streets I checked out. 

I loved everything about Polka Dot Pound Cake, and look forward to returning. If you live or work nearby, or are in the neighborhood, give yourself a treat and stop here. 

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