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Nantucket Island, Massachusetts


Nantucket is a charming island off the coast of Cape Cod, reachable by ferry.

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    Getting to Nantucket was much easier than navigating Nantucket on foot.  Most of the streets in town are brick and cobblestone, dating from the 1700s.  As you might imagine, they are quite uneven.  Even with my good walking sneakers I made sure to watch carefully as I walked.  It gave me a sense of being somewhat “tipsy.”

    We are always interested in a tour of the place we are visiting.  I had read about “Gail’s Tours,” a one-woman operation with a single 12 passenger van, cell phone number and no website.  We called, spoke to Gail and joined her on her morning tour.  We loved it!  We found Gail to be extremely knowledgeable and friendly, giving us a sort of “insider” tour of the island from someone who has spent her entire life there.

    After a little shopping and lunch we headed to find Robin from “Raven’s Walk” ( for the 2:00 pm history walking tour.  If you are able to walk the streets you are in for a treat.  This woman is an encyclopedia of information about the history of Nantucket.  Informative, interesting, engaging, and obviously passionate about her subject.  We couldn’t believe that more than two hours had passed when our tour ended.  Amazing! is all we can say.  Robin has a variety of tours which we are sure must be just as interesting.  We were sorry that we had to return to the mainland without taking another of her tours.  If you are going to be spending any time on Nantucket we recommend trying to walk with her.

    Nantucket has some lovely shops and galleries as well as places to eat.  Most places have a step or two to enter so be careful.  Remember, this is a very old town that is preserving its history.



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