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Museum Pass Program at Long Island Libraries (June, 2022)


Most of us have library cards and generally know about the wonderful array of services our libraries offer. Depending on your local library, besides borrowing actual books, books on tape, and audio versions, they may offer performances, classes both in person and on zoom, reference help, and services for patrons with disabilities. 
I was recently reminded of another great perk that comes with having a library card.  Your Long Island Library Card doesn’t cost anything to get, and doesn’t have any fees. It does, however, come with many perks, including one that many people don’t seem to know about - the Museum Pass Program. 
The Museum Pass Program offers card holders the opportunity to reserve free passes to many Long Island and New York City museums. From the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan to the Parrish Art Museum on the East End of Long Island, you can find a museum to visit. Whether you admire art, want to learn about science and history, or  explore different cultures, visiting a museum lets you discover new things. 
Go to your local library’s website to find out what museums it offers passes for. You can usually reserve a pass for up to four people at a time.  Some passes can be printed online, others require pick-up at the library. Check your library’s website for details, as each library seems to have a somewhat different set up. Library offerings differ and there are restrictions, so be sure to check. If you have any difficulties you might want to pay a visit to your library or call for assistance. Librarians are always ready and willing to help.


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