77 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10014

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(212) 645 - 3230

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Museum of Illusions, NYC


The Museum of Illusions is located at 77 Eighth Ave. Parking must be found on the street or at a near-by garage. Four stone steps lead to the double door entrance, which takes one to the main floor. The handicapped entrance is located at 75 Eighth Ave. There is a street-level, single door entrance leading to a hallway and elevator. The elevator goes to the main floor of the two floor museum.  The second floor can only be accessed by thirteen steps. The museum is not spacious, some spots are a bit "tight." to navigate.

Multi-stall restrooms with a handicapped stall are located on the main floor. There are no baby-changing facilities.


    Doors:  street-level single door
    Number of floors:  2
    Elevators:  only goes from street to main level
    Ramps:  none in building
    Steps and staircases:  13 steps to second floor
    Width of aisles:  not very spacious
    Places to sit:  none
    Location of restrooms:  on main floor
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall, with handicapped-accessible stall
    Ease of entry and exit:  OK
    Baby changing station:  no
    Available food services:  none
    Friendliness of staff:  very pleasant
    Notes:  * Parking must be found on street or a nearby garage

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Once again, we happened upon a venue completely by accident. We were looking for a parking space near the High Line and Whitney Museum, and passed the Museum of Illusions. Housed in a former bank, this grand building with very visible blue banners made a statement. We had to have a look!

We chose to visit the Whitney first. In retrospect, we should have gone here first, as it was quite crowded when we got there, around 2:00 pm. It definitely would have been better if it were less crowded. If going with kids, we would advise going earlier in the day. Although it is 4,500 square feet, that amount of space is divided between two floors, and it is not that spacious. The second floor is not accessible by elevator – there are thirteen steps to the upper level. Also, being very intractive, one has a better chance of enjoying each exhibit with fewer people waiting for a  turn.

I am getting ahead of myself. This venue is one of a chain of Museums of Illusions around the world.  This one opened less than a year ago. Located on the corner of Eighth Ave and 14th Street, there is no dedicated parking. If you go early on a Sunday morning, there is usually plenty of free street parking nearby. There are four stone steps to the stone landing and double door entrance. The handicapped entrance is located two doors away at 75 Eighth Ave. You will find a street-level, single door building entrance. Go in, walk straight back to the elevator and take it to the main level of the Museum. The admission desk and “shop” are located here, as well as many of the exhibits. The second floor has more exhibits, but you cannot get there by elevator. We suggest that if you are going with kids who are not old enough to go to the second floor by themselves, it would be best to have two adults, one of whom can accompany the kids upstairs. The second floor is defiitely worth doing.

This is a very interactive and immersive venue. “Visitors can touch, talk, take as many photos as they want, and be as silly as they want…The goal of the Museum is to “teach visitors about perception, vision and the human brain, and science…We discover that sometimes our eyes see things that our brains don’t understand. In this building, nothing is what it seems…” (website) There are photo illusions, optical illusions, games, a Tilted Room and a variety of other things to interact with. One of the most poopular places is the Rotated Room, where one seems to be sitiing on the wall, ceiling, etc. One of the museum personnel was busy posing people and taking photos of them – what fun! This is definitely a fun place, especially for/with kids ( but not too young). The families we saw were having a great time, laughing, posing, and taking tons of photos!

Multi-stall restrooms with a handicapped-stall are located on the main floor. There are no baby-changing facilities.

As always, we at Destination Accessible advise you to visit a venue’s website,, when plannng a visit, to “know before you go.”



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