23rd - 26th Street, between Madison & Fifith Ave, NY, NY 10010

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(212)520 - 7600

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Madison Square Park


Madison Square Park is located from 23rd - 26th Streets, between Madison and Fifth Avenues, in New York City. Parking needs to be either in a nearby garage or, on the street if one is very lucky.

The terrain is paved and flat, with a few areas that are gravel. There are many benches, chairs and tables. The  large playground  is Level 3 accessible and equipped with universally accessible swings.

A Shake Shack is at the southern end of the park. There are no restrooms in the park.


    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  benches, tables & chairs,
    Paths and walkways:  paved
    Places to sit:  benches, tables and chairs
    Location of restrooms:  none
    Baby changing station:  no
    Available food services:  Shake Shack
    Friendliness of staff:  na
    Notes:  * Parking needs to be found in a nearby garage or on the street (if you are very lucky).

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Right across the street from the Museum of Math I found Madison Square Park.  “…seven acres of public green space that has existed as a park since 1686…” (website) I had to take some time to go inside and see it.

I found a lovely oasis with a large playground, fountains, many places to sit, large scale sculpture and even a Shake Shack. The playground is equipped with universally accessible swings. The playground was so crowded that I did not venture inside.  I can say, however, that there are a good number of benches in there.

The terrain is paved, flat and easy to navigate.  A few sections have sand but one does not need to traverse any of them.  The website states that ”…everyone who visits Madison Square Park has the feeling that there’s something magical about the place.” (website)  It was so for me.  I walked around, feeling insulated from the city, enjoying the incredible sculpture and fountains, definitely feeling that there is something “special” about this place.

At the southern end of the park I spied a Shake Shack which was doing a brisk business. What more could one ask for? This is an outdoor venue where you walk up to order, get your food and find one of the many seats available to sit and enjoy!

As always,we at Destination Accessible, advise you to check a venue’s website,,  when planning a visit , to “know before you go.”



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