142 W. Walnut, Long Beach, NY 11561

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(516) 431 - 1810

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Long Beach Boardwalk & Beach


Free parking must be found on the street. There are handicapped (van)-accessible spaces on each block. There are ramps to the Boardwalk on streets between Nevada Avenue and Pacific Boulevard.

An abundance of benches face the water along the 3.3 miles of boardwalk. The boardwalk is wide. Space for bikers is in the center, people can walk on either side. The beach is accessible by ramps. Mobi-maps are located at Virginia, Neptune, Edwards and Long Beach Road ramps.

Three, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible stalls and baby-changing facilities are located at Grand Boulevard, Edwards Street, Riverside Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard.

A variety of food services can be found at the same locations as the restrooms.

All-terrain beach chairs can be reserved by calling ahead (516) 431 - 1810, asking a gate attendant, or checking Life Guard Headquarters when you arrive.  (See the "read more" for details.)

There is a fee to use the beach. Check the website for information.


    Location of handicapped spaces:  * See notes below
    Location of handicapped entrance:  Ramps are located at all street entrances to the Boardwalk
    Ramps:  Ramps get one down to the beach. Mobi-mats are available at Virginia, Neptune, Edwards, and Long Beach Road ramps.
    Width of aisles:  Boardwalk is quite wide - center for bikers, carriages, etc. People on either side
    Places to sit:  Many benches facing the water
    Location of restrooms:  Grand Boulevard, Edwards Street, Riverside Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard
    Type of restroom:  Three single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible at National Boulevard. Multi-stall, with handicapped-accsessible stalls and baby-changing facilities are at Grand Blvd., Edwards St., Riverside and Lincoln Blvds.
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy
    Baby changing station:  at Grand Blvd., Edwards St., Riverside and Lincoln Blvds.
    Available food services:  A variety of food services can be found at each restroom location.
    Notes:  * Free parking must be found on the streets. Handicapped spaces are located on each block.

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It was a beautiful April day and we wanted to walk someplace different. We decided to try the Long Beach Boardwalk, yet another place we had not visited in many years.  We weren’t sure about where we would park, but were able to find a spot on National Boulevard, near the Allegria Hotel, a place we had heard about. Being early on a Friday morning, not “in season,” parking was easy. Street parking seems to be what one has to do. We did not see any parking lots. Each street seems to have some handicapped spaces. We wound up ½ block from a ramp to the Boardwalk, right next to the hotel. This location was also great for the three, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible public restrooms in a free standing building.

Now we were on the wide boardwalk (bikes down the center, people on the sides), looking out at an unusually calm Atlantic. Which way to go, left or right, east or west? We went right ( east to west) . As we walked we discussed how different this was since our last visit. We remembered lots of concession, places to eat and games. Now we found housing, with just a handful of concessions, most of them not yet open for the season. 

We noted ramps down to the beach and an abundance of benches looking out at the water.  There are so many benches that, if you look down the boardwalk, it appears that there is one continuous bench.  How great is that?

We continued to the end,then turned around, walked back to where to had started and kept going in the other direction to that end and back.  By the time we returned to the Allegria we had walked almost five miles, enjoying every step!

Following is some detailed information about what we found on the boardwalk.

At National Boulevard (where the Allegria Hotel is) are the three, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms (no baby-changing facilities) and a “Gentle Brew,” open during the season from 6:00am  – 9:00 pm.

Walking east, at Grand Boulevard, is a mulit-stall, handicapped-accessible restroom and a “Beach Local Café.” (not open yet)

At Magnolia Street, we found a large playground.

The Boardwalk ends at New York Ave, where we found “Overlook at the Beach” which requires walking down the boardwalk ramp to the restaurant.

Heading west from National Boulevard (Allegria Hotel), we noticed that the Boardwalk changes from all wood to wood with concrete outer lanes for a bit. I must confess I did not notice exactly where this ends, but it returns to all wood at some point eastbound.

At Edwards Street we found a concession that was open, “Rip Tides.” We were told they had only been open since the beginning of April.  It was nice to get a cup of coffee and a snack.  They serve food as well (see separate listing). We sat at one of their colorful high chairs facing the ocean. There are multi-stall, handicapped-accessisble restrooms (with baby-changing  facilities) on the side of this building.

The building at Riverside Boulevard has multi-stall, handicapped-accessible restrooms (with baby-changing facilities) as well as the “Surf Club” (not yet open).

Lincoln Boulevard has multi-stall, handicapped-accessible restrooms and another snack bar “S & S.” These are the last restrooms as you walk east. 

The boardwalk ends at Neptune Boulevard. Reconstruction, of the jetties is ongoing. We stopped to watch the heavy equipment hauling huge boulders into place, planes coming to land at JFK, and ships lined up, waiting to enter New York Harbor. It was quiet and peaceful listening to and watching the waves hit the shore. A few people walked or ran on the beach and several children played in the sand.

This summer there is a Beach Pilot Program. Mobi-mats will be in place at Virginia, Neptune, Edwards and Long Beach Road ramps, to help people get “to the vicinity of the surf line of the beach.” (website). One can also reserve “all-terrain beach chairs.” Call (516) 431 – 1810,  to request a specific time, or ask a gate attendant or check Life Guard Headquarters when you arrive. “The chair will be delivered to your location by a lifeguard, who will assist in situating you wherever you would like on the beach…The typical response time for a beach chair request is three to five minutes.” (website)

As always, we at Destination Accessible urge you to check, to “know before you go.”



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