142 W. Walnut, Long Beach, NY 11561

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(516) 431 - 1810

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Long Beach Boardwalk & Beach


The Long Beach Boardwalk is listed officially  at 142 West Walnut Street, Long Beach, New York. Free parking is  available on the street. There are accessible spaces on each block. There are ramps to the Boardwalk on streets between Nevada Avenue and Pacific Boulevard.

An abundance of benches face the water along the 3.5 miles of boardwalk. The boardwalk is wide. Space for bikers is in the center, people can walk on either side. The beach is accessible by steps and ramps. Mobi-maps are located at  Neptune, Minnesota, New York, Lafayette, and Riverside ramps.

Three, single-occupancy, accessible restrooms with baby-changing facilities are located at Grand Boulevard, Edwards Street, Riverside Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard.

A variety of food services can be found at the same locations as the restrooms.

All-terrain beach chairs can be reserved by calling ahead (516) 431 - 1810, asking a gate attendant, or checking Life Guard Headquarters when you arrive.  (See the "read more" for details.)

There is a fee to use the beach. Check their  website for information.


    Attraction Type:  park
    Distance to venue:  depends on where you park
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  not until you are on the boardwalk
    Paths and walkways:  concrete and wood
    Doors:  na
    Number of floors:  na
    Elevators:  na
    Ramps:  Ramps get down to the beach. Mobi-mats are available at Minnesota, Neptune, New York, Lafayette and Riverside ramps.
    Steps and staircases:  steps at each beach access as well as the ramps
    Width of aisles:  Boardwalk is quite wide - center for bikers, carriages, etc. People on either side
    Places to sit:  Many benches facing the water
    Location of restrooms:  Grand Boulevard,Edwards, Lafayette, Riverside and Lincoln Boulevard
    Type of restroom:  Three single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible at National Boulevard. Multi-stall, with handicapped-accsessible stalls and baby-changing facilities are at Grand Blvd., Edwards St., Riverside and Lincoln Blvds.
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy
    Baby changing station:  at Grand Blvd., Edwards St., Riverside and Lincoln Blvds.
    Available food services:  A variety of food services can be found at each restroom location.
    Friendliness of staff:  we didn't encounter anyone today
    Notes:  * Free parking must be found on the streets. Handicapped spaces are located on each block.

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We hadn’t been to Long Beach in several years. We took advantage of a lovely spring day to meet friends for a walk on the boardwalk.

Early on a Sunday morning, free, street parking was easy to find close to the Allegria Hotel, where we were meeting our friends. We noticed accessible parking spaces on many streets. We parked about 1/2 block from a ramp to the Boardwalk, right next to the hotel. This location was great because of its proximity to the, single- occupancy, accessible public restrooms in a free standing building. Take note that all of the streets have ramp access to the boardwalk, making it easily accessible.

Looking out at the beach and ocean I realized that the ramps leading to the beach had been extended since our last visit. They now go farther down the beach. In season “mobi-mats”  to help people get “to the vicinity of the surfline of the beach.” will be in place at Neptune, Minnesota, New York, Lafayette, and Riverside Avenues. One can also reserve “all terrain beach chairs,” by calling ahead (516) 431 – 1810 to request a specific time, or ask a gate attendant or check Life Guard Headquarters when you arrive. “The chair will be delivered to your location by a lifeguard, who will assist in situating you wherever you would like on the beach…The typical response time for a beach chair request is there to five minutes,” (website)

We met our friends and went for a leisurely walk on the Boardwalk, along the 3.5 miles of beach. There are so many benches lining the boardwalk that if you look down the boardwalk it appears that there is one continuous bench. How great is that for stopping to rest, and enjoying the beautiful view!

The Long Beach Boardwalk was a lovely place for walk, visit and lunch.

Next time we may skip the lunch and go right to the ice cream!

In 2020 only residents were allowed on the beach. It would be wise to check this year’s restrictions, fees, etc. before visiting.

Following is some information regarding  what we found on the boardwalk.

At National Boulevard  (where the Allegria Hotel is) are the three, single-occupancy, accessible restrooms (no baby-changing facilities).

Walking east, at Grand Boulevard, is a multi-stall, accessible restroom.

At Magnolia Street, there is a large playground.

The Boardwalk goes from Neptune to New York Ave.

Heading west from National Boulevard (Allegria Hotel), the Boardwalk changes from all wood to wood with concrete outer lanes for a bit.  I must confess, I did not notice exactly were this ends, but it returns to all wood at some eastbound point.

At Edwards Street, there is a concession called “Rip Tides.” It was a nice place to get a bite to eat. We ordered our food and the server  brought it to our table. There are several high-top tables and a counter inside, and several picnic style tables and benches on the boardwalk. You can always get your food and take it to one of the benches facing the ocean to enjoy the view while you eat. There are multi-stall, accessible restrooms (with baby-changing facilities) on the side of this building.

The building at Riverside Boulevard, has multi-stall, accessible restrooms (with baby-changing facilities.)

Lincoln Boulevard has multi-stall, accessible restrooms. These are the last restrooms as you walk east.

Marvel Ice Cream is located at National Boulevard.

There may be some other food services as well that we did not notice.

As always, we at Destination Accessible, advise you to check a venue’s website,">, when planning a visit, to “know before you go.”



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