136 Maple Avenue, Bay Shore, NY 11706

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(631) 666 - 0995

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Lake House


The Lake House Restaurant is located at136 Maple Avenue, Bay Shore. It is next to one of the Fire Island Ferry terminals. Three handicapped spaces are in the small, paved parking lot. There may be valet parking.

Four steps, or a ramp lead to both entrances (the bar and dining rooms). All floors are smooth. There are several indoor dining areas, as well as a bar/lounge area with both high and low tables. Double doors lead to the outdoor wood floor, deck. The deck is covered and has clear plastic  surrounding three sides. All dining areas have abundant space between tables.

From the outdoor deck, there are three steps down to a lounge area which has a fire-pit and seating along the dock. One can dock a boat here while dining. This area can also be accessed without steps, by going through the main dining room, out the main entrance, down the ramp and around the building.

Multi-stall restrooms with a large handicapped stall (no baby-changing facilities) are located in a hallway in the rear of the main dining area.


    Number of handicapped spaces:  3
    Location of handicapped spaces:  very close to ramp
    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  very close
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  bench located in entryway
    Paths and walkways:  concrete walkway
    Location of handicapped entrance:  main entrances
    Doors:  double doors to dining, single door to bar/lounge
    Number of floors:  1
    Elevators:  no
    Ramps:  none
    Steps and staircases:  4 steps to entrances - 3 steps from deck to lounge area
    Width of aisles:  extremely spacious
    Places to sit:  banquettes, tables and chairs - full-height bar and high and low tables in lounge
    Location of restrooms:  in hallway in rear of maining area
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall, with large, handicapped stall, no baby-changing facility
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy
    Baby changing station:  no
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly and professional
    Notes:  Lounge area at water level can be accessed without steps by going through main entrance, down ramp and walking around the building

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The Lake House had been recommended to us, but we had never been there. On the several occasions we wanted to go, the weather had not cooperated. As I have mentioned before, for me, summer means outdoor dining by the water, preferably for lunch or early dinner.  Today was the day! The rain was taken out of the forecast, a reservation was available, and we were set. Located next  to one of the Fire Island Ferry terminals, facing the Great South Bay, I wondered about the name.  There is no lake in sight. Apparently, this restaurant used to be near a lake (hence the name). When they moved, they kept the name. OK, now I understand!

We drove up to find a small, paved parking lot with three handicapped spaces and a sign indicating valet parking.  Since there was no valet, we parked in one of the close-by spaces. Four steps, or a ramp lead to the two entrances. One leads to the hostess area for the dining rooms, the other leads to the beautiful bar/lounge (full-height bar, high and low tables). We had requested outdoor seating (it is not guaranteed when you make a reservation) and had no problem securing  a table close to the water. It was rather windy, but we were protected by the clear plastic on three sides and a roof overhead. The only opening was facing the water and lower lounge area, (with fire-pit, couches, chairs and tables), and the dock, where you can “park” your boat if you arrive by water.

There are double doors from the main dining area to the deck (easy wheelchair access). The inside dining areas have a formal air about them, with tablecloths and lovely place settings. The deck has a more casual atmosphere, with placemats instead of tablecloths. All areas are quite spacious, with tables set far apart, both for easy navigation and conversation. The lounge area beyond the deck has three steps going down. One can also get there by going back through the restaurant to the main entrance and ramp. Go down the ramp and walk around to the lounge area.

After being delighted by our table and enjoying the view of the ferries and other boats coming and going, we turned our attention to the menu. We had gotten suggestions for what to order, but still couldn’t decide. Our server was delightful, but hesitant to make suggestions. We finally wound up sharing a crab dish, shrimp dish and lobster roll. I can only say that everything was exceptional! As you might imagine, dessert was delicious as well!  This was a wonderful, leisurely lunch! We were able to enjoy the food, and view to its full extent. We were told that in the evening, the deck is illuminated as is the lounge area beyond it. There is also one dining area I would call “semi-private.”  There are several fireplaces that I think are probably wonderful to sit near in winter. This is an easily accessible venue with wonderful food and atmosphere to which we will happily return!

Multi-stall restrooms with a large, handicapped stall (no baby-changing facilities) are located in the rear of the main dining area.

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