469 E. Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901

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(631) 727 - 8489

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Jerry & The Mermaid


Jerry & The Mermaid is located at 469 E. Main Street, Riverhead, NY.  It is next door to the Hyatt Place Hotel and two doors from the Long Islan Aquarium. Five parking spaces ( one handicapped) are located in front. More parking is located behind, in the Treasure Cove Lot.

The stone walkway leads to the double-door, street-level entrance. There is a welcome area. To the right is the full-height, bar/lounge area, with tables . Beyond the bar is another dining area, which looks out onto the marina. Tables here also have ample space between them. There are a few small tables outside, some on the side, some behind.

Multi-stall restrooms have a handicaped stall. The stall in the ladies room opens inward, which could make navigation difficult.


    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  close
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  none outside
    Paths and walkways:  stone walkway to entrance
    Doors:  street-level, double doors
    Number of floors:  one
    Elevators:  na
    Ramps:  na
    Steps and staircases:  na
    Width of aisles:  spacious
    Places to sit:  tables and chairs, full-hight bar
    Location of restrooms:  in hallway near main entrance
    Type of restroom:  **multi-stall, with one handicapped stall - handicapped stall opens inward
    Ease of entry and exit:  OK
    Baby changing station:  no
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly and helpful
    Notes:  *There is more parking in the Treasure Cove parking lot behind **The door in the handicapped stall opens inward, which could make it difficult to navigate.

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Jerry & The Mermaid is not in plain sight from the street. Next to the Hyatt Place Hotel, two doors from the Long Island Aquarium, it appears that there is simply a driveway to Treasure Cove.  A few parking spaces out front include one handicapped spot. Half way down the driveway is the street-level entrance to this “fun place” (according to the two women at the next table). There was more parking in the Treasure Cove lot. If you park in the back, walk part way back to the street and you will come to the street-level, double door entrance. 

I found myself in the full-height, bar/lounge area. There are well spaced tables in this area.  To the rear of the bar is another dining area, with windows facing the Marina and water beyond. Although not “close,” there is a sense of being near the water.  Tables here also have ample space between them. I had a table near the windows and was able to look at the boats and “goings on” on a  summer-like day.  There are a few, small tables outside as well. This venue has a rather down-to-earth atmosphere, accompanied by the  very welcoming manner of the staff.

The menu offered interesting fish items, like soft shell crabs and lobster rolls.  With limited time, my server was very honest in steering me towards something that would not take quite as long to prepare. All I can say is, based on the lunch I did have, and the “review” of the two women at the next table, I will be back to try them. This seems to be a perfect place after a visit to the Aquarium, Suffolk Country Historical Society,  or for Karaoke on Saturday nights.

Multi-stall restrooms are located in the hallway at the entrance. Although there is a large handicapped stall, the door opens in rather than out, which would make it quite difficult for a wheelchair user. I cannot say what the men’s room is like.

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