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Greenport, Village of


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    Number of handicapped spaces:  *
    Notes:  * Out of season there is plenty of parking to be found.

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On another beautiful October day my husband and I took a ride out to the North Fork, with Greenport as our destination. Knowing from previous visits that there are vineyards along the way, we thought we might stop at several of them on our way back (See the “North Fork Winery Tour” for further information).

Greenport is a small, quaint harbor village about ten miles from the end of the North Fork of Long Island. Getting there by car is a lovely ride, passing many farm stands (usually open from Memorial Day through Halloween), many vineyards, and a number of small towns.

Since it was not “in season” we had no trouble parking on the street. There are several pay parking lots, including one at Claudio’s dock, where the parking fee can be applied at one of Claudio’s many eating establishments. If you choose to eat “on the water” at Claudio’s, there is easy access to their outdoor dining from the parking lot. There is a paved walkway next to the wooden pier that allows easy access. There are restrooms up a ramp in their building that are also easy to access, but do not have handrails and are somewhat small.

Mitchell Park and Marina is a lovely park on the water. It is easily accessible via paved ramps and then gravel. There are also ramps to the restrooms, which are multi-stall with the handicapped stalls being farthest from the entrance. The park has benches where one can stop to rest, enjoy a snack and view the water. There is a lovely, restored carousel in the park as well. Although there are ramps leading to the carousel building, there does not appear to be a ramp to get on the carousel. The building was locked up, so I was unable to find anyone to ask about this.

The buildings in town are a mix of new and old. Since the ones on Front Street are newer than the ones on Main Street, access is easier. Most of the buildings have one or two steps to enter. The streets themselves are easy to navigate.  There are many interesting places to explore.



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