64 North Country Road, Smithtown, NY 11757

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(631) 265 - 8771

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Garden Grill


The Garden Grill is located at 64 North Country Road, Smithtown. Three handicapped spaces in the paved parking lot are near  the ramp to the handicapped entrance. The double-door, main entrance is up three stone steps. The Garden Grill has two floors. There are thirteen steps to the second floor. There is no elevator. Floors are wood/carpet. Seating is at tables (high and low) and a full-height bar. There is ample space between tables in the several dining areas.

Two, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms are located near the handicapped entrance. The sinks are not wheelchair accessible, The ladies' room has a baby-changing station. The men's room does not.

There is outdoor dining at umbrella covered tables. Pebbles or pavers cover the ground. There is a full-height bar outside.


    Attraction Type:  dining
    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  close
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Paths and walkways:  wooden ramps around fishing ponds
    Doors:  single door at handicapped entrance, double doors at main entrance
    Number of floors:  2
    Elevators:  none
    Ramps:  to handicapped entrance
    Steps and staircases:  16 steps to second floor
    Width of aisles:  ample space in dining rooms
    Places to sit:  *tables, high and low, full-height bar, outdoor dining on patio in rear
    Location of restrooms:  in rear of dining room, near handicapped entrance
    Type of restroom:  two, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible rooms
    Ease of entry and exit:  good
    Baby changing station:  in ladies room only
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly and efficient
    Notes:  *outdoor dining area has floor covering of thick pebbles or pavers.

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We have always enjoyed the Garden Grill. When we discovered that they had reopened with outdoor dining we decided to give it a try. We know that everything is a work in progress while businesses figure out how to do their best for their patrons. We hope that The Garden Grill will continue to work on their efforts. 

We pulled into the paved parking lot ( three handicapped spaces) with no intention of entering the building. A sign directed us to the right. The ramp there is usually used as the way to enter for those unable to do the three front steps. We followed the ramp to the upper level and the host. This area was a bit cramped with lots of traffic from servers etc. Wanting to be seated  outdoors, we had to then go down three steps to the lovely dining area they have set up. Willowy fabric overhead, as well as table umbrellas make for a somewhat “Caribbean” feel. They have even created a full-height bar.  

The hostess offered us our choice of tables. We chose to go as far back as we could, mostly because we didn’t want to be too close to the stage where the band was set up. We had to cross the deep pebbles underfoot, which could be difficult for someone with a mobility challenge. Our table was set on the paver area, which was easier to walk on. We would say that, if the steps, and/or the pebbles might be a problem, one can get to the tables there by parking on the street and walking down the driveway to the right of the building. Going this way you will still encounter a small area of pebbles, but it is much easier than going the other way. Our table was very well-spaced from the others. The tables on the pebbles seem to be a bit closer to one another. Also, tables near the bar seem closer than we would be comfortable with. People standing near the bar were not practicing good distancing.  If you choose to sit inside, know that they tables are well-spaced.

Our server was very pleasant, although he had to be asked several times to please pull his mask over his nose. The staff all seemed to have masks. Menus were not disposable, just in plastic. “Regular” utensils and dishes are being used. Our party of four enjoyed our choices greatly. My better half loved his ribs! Sitting outside on a summer night with good service, food and company was lovely. The music was a fun addition.

 Going to the restroom was a less than pleasant experience. Of course, one had to go into the restaurant. The area near the restroom was crowded with six women who clearly were not distanced.  Seeing the wait, I chose not to. I do not know if the restrooms have been changed in any way. There did not appear to be anyone cleaning them between uses.

It was disappointing not to see hand-sanitizer out in the open anywhere. When I asked the manager, I was told that they are available if someone asks for it. It would also be nice if the restaurant posted some information on their website about what they are doing for their patrons’ safety. 

As we said at the outset, we have always enjoyed our experiences at The Garden Grill. We will certainly continue to patronize them, just hoping that they continue to evolve.

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If you are interested, here is our previous review from March, 2020, below.

The Garden Grill is a beautiful, 19th century Victorian restaurant, with nostalgic decor in a iving room like setting, complete with old time family photos on the walls, fabric tablecloths, and a fireplace in one of the dining rooms. A lovely setting, where I think they should serve high tea as well as brunch, lunch and dinner.

We found three handicapped spaces in the paved lot, near the wooden ramp on the side of the buildilng. If you are using the double-door, main entrance, you will find three stone steps up to it. A small entryway gives you a view of the full flight of steps that lead to the upstairs dining rooms. There is no elevator to that level.

We noticed the full-height wooden bar and high-top tables in the bar area, as we made our way to our table near the fireplace. There was ample space to navigate. The lovely decor, 19th century Victorian, is so charming that I had to take a  walk around,to take it all in. The photos, some of which are from the family of the owner, are engaging .

We were here for a late lunch, so it was quiet, something we like. Our server was very pleasant and attentive, making sure that everything was to our liking, and answering my many questions about the venue itself. That’s how I found out some of the photos were of the owner’s family and all are actual vintage photos. We were encouraged to take our time, have a leisurely lunch and enjoy ourselves (which we did!). The food was excellent, the ambience wonderful! What a lovely, relaxing lunch. We understand that there is music on Friday and Saturday evenings. Sounds great!

Two, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms are located near the handicapped-entrance. The sinks are not wheelchair accessible. The ladies’ room has a baby-changing station, the men’s room does not.

As always, we at Destination Accessible, advise you to visit a venue’s website,, when planning a visit, to know before you go.



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