29 Norwood Road, Northport, NY 11768

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1 (844) 335 - 8466

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Del Vino Vineyards


Please read our "Read More" to find out about the changes due to Covid-19.

Del Vino Vineyards is located at 29 Norwood Road, Northport. Valet parking is available as well as three, handicapped (van)-accessible spaces which are close to the flat end of the stone walkway. Parking at the valet station requires a step up to the walkway, or walking to the flat end. Two stone steps or a ramp to the left lead to the double door entrance.

The main room has a large, full-height bar,  high and low tables. The large, stone patio is easily accessible, with high and low tables. There is ample space between tables. There are also some tables on the grass. The second floor does not have an elevator to reach it. There are handicapped-accessible restrooms on the second floor.

Multi-stall restrooms, with a large, handicapped-stall are located in a hallway near the entrance.


    Attraction Type:  restaurant
    Surface of lot:  paved - some portions gravel
    Distance to venue:  close
    Terrain:  flat to main entrance
    Places to rest:  none outside
    Paths and walkways:  stone
    Doors:  double doors, small entryway, then single door
    Number of floors:  two
    Elevators:  none
    Ramps:  ramp to main entrance
    Steps and staircases:  13 steps to second floor
    Width of aisles:  ample space to navigate
    Places to sit:  full-height bar, high and low tables
    Location of restrooms:  in hallway near main entrance, also on second floor
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall ,with large, handicapped-stall
    Ease of entry and exit:  ok
    Baby changing station:  no
    Available food services:  small plates
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly and accommodating
    Notes:  *complimentary valet parking is available. If you park with valet you must step up to the stone walkway or walk to the end where it is flat.

Read More

On a glorious, late June afternoon, we decided to try our first “dining out” experience. We wanted someplace that was scenic and had always had outdoor seating. We also wanted a venue that had, what we considered adequate, Covid-19 information on their website,  Del Vino Vineyards has been a favorite of ours since their opening.  We were happy to see that their website offered a great deal of information about how they are handling their reopening. A reservation was made and we were on our way.

Valet parking is usually the norm here. Not at this time. As we turned into their driveway, a masked young man checked his “list” to see if we were on it. I am thinking that without it we would have been turned away. There are three handicapped (van)-accessible spaces close to the venue. We were directed down a long, gravel path to more parking. Take note, even if you do not have a handicapped parking placard, if this gravel walk may be difficult for you, mention it to one of the attendants and I’m sure he/she will accommodate you. We were able to drop a passenger off near the bluestone pathway that leads to the back of the building, where all the action is. If you want to know about how things usually are (non-Covid) take a look at our original “Read More” below.

We followed the path and were directed to the “host” area (under the orange umbrella.) We joined the line (we had to distance ourselves) to have our temperature taken and then shown to our table.

A combination of high and low tables of varying sizes (accommodating groups of different sizes)  are very well spaced – definitely more than the six feet required. So nice!  We noticed some couples, parties of four or six, and a number of larger groups. Some appeared to be extended family groups with kids. I do not know if the vineyard has a maximum number they will accommodate in these groups.  Some tables are on the bluestone patio, some are spread out on the grass, closer to the beautiful vines. Some tables are completely under cover on the patio, all of the others have large umbrellas that tilt if you want to keep the sun away. If walking on grass is difficult for you, please tell the host. 

All of the staff wore masks. Almost all of the staff had gloves. Paper menus and plastic cups of water were provided. Wine arrived in glass. My “froze” (their frozen blend of Rose wines ) came in plastic. This drink is amazing! I could easily become addicted to its deliciousness! Food was served on breakable dishes, silverware was wrapped. In a lovely coincidence, our wonderful server, Nikki, had been our server on our first visit. She was just as lovely and accommodating this time as we had remembered her. Our meat and cheese board was delicious, the presentation mouth-watering. It was a pleasure to relax and enjoy the food and drink in a beautiful setting, and not be rushed. Reservations are for a limited amount of time, with time between groups for thorough cleaning. It was the most relaxing thing we have done in at least four months. 

A comment on the restrooms. At this time single-use restrooms are the only option. They are inside the tasting room. A single line on the floor shows you the way to both men’s and ladies’ rooms (handicapped-accessible.)  A staffer is monitoring the comings and goings. Although not being cleaned after each use Del Vino’s website says they will “clean them more frequently.”

If we were to offer one suggestion to the owners it would be to add more hand- sanitizing stations throughout. There are several, but they are not noticeable enough. As I watched people going in and out, before and after the restrooms, most people didn’t seem to notice them and so, did not use them. 

All in all, our first venture out was wonderful. Del Vino has done a great job of making us feel as comfortable as we could be in this situation. Nothing is perfect, but they are clearly doing their best to be as close to perfect as they can.

Destination:Accessible always advises our readers to visit a venue’s website,">, when planning a visit, to “know before you go.” Now is no different, make sure to read for yourself what they are doing to keep everyone as safe as possible. Enjoy! We did!



Original Post from 6-19-19

After seeing an article in Newsday, I just had to check out Del Vino Vineyards for myself.  Not wanting to be among the crowds I anticipated on a beautiful, Saturday afternoon, we managed to arrive just after they opened  (noon). As we drove through the gates, the beautiful chateau-like venue appeared.

Valet parking is the norm. There are three handicapped (van)-accessible spaces to the left of the building, near the flat end of the stone walkway. If you get out of your car by the valet station, you have to deal with the step up to the walkway, or walk to the end to access the walkway without a step.

A beautiful fountain and plantings grace the front of the buiding. Two stone steps (or a ramp to the left) lead to the majestic, double-door entrance. We were not expecting to be greeted by a hostess just inside the doors, asking if we wanted to be seated inside or out. We are more used to the laid-back approach we have found in the vineyards out East and in Sonoma, where we have just wandered in, walked around, checked out the outdoors,  perhaps had a tasting at the bar, etc.  I must confess that I do not know if that is acceptable here.

The large, u-shaped bar is the centerpiece of this venue. Attention to detail is apparent in the beautiful decor. Many high-top tables surround the bar, along with some “regular” height tables. There is no elevator to the second floor, where special events may be held. We were told that there are handicapped-accessible restrooms up there.

We made our way through the main room to the doors leading to the large, stone patio. A combination of high and low tables have ample space between them for easy navigation. If you want full sun, or to be closer to the vines, there are some tables on the grass. We had a wonderful view of the lush vines while we perused the menu.

Our server was lovely, professional and friendly. She seemed happy to answer my many questions. When she did not have an answer to one of them, she found the owner to help. Fred was happy to share the vineyard’s history with us.  I was intersted in finding out if tours were avaiable, and, if so, are they handicapped-accessible. In order to tour the orchard, one must be able to walk on grass to the vines. Touring the processing room is easier, since the surface is flat. As of now, tours are given on Wednesdays, Thursdays and possibly, Friday mornings. It is  best to call for specific information.

What a lovely way to spend some time, with excellent wine and  tapas. Somehow, I missed the Froze Rose on the menu. After having a sample of it, I know I will be back soon for a real serving! If you are a fan of frozen drinks, make sure to try it!

Multi-stall restrooms with a large, handicapped stall are located in a hallway near the entrance.

As always, we at Destination Accessible, advise you to check a  venue’s website,, to “know before you go,



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