Charles Lindbergh Boulevard, Garden City, NY11530

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(516 ) 572- 4111

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Cradle of Aviation Museum


Museum Row includes the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Firefighters’ Museum, The Long Island Children’s Museum and Nunley’s Carousel.  A large, handicapped parking lot is directly in front of the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Access to the museum is easy with a handicapped assist push button for the doors.

Once inside, all of the exhibits can be easily viewed from the first floor. If you want an aerial view of the museum, you can access the second floor by elevator (there is only one). The exhibition halls have plenty of room to maneuver.  Knowledgeable and pleasant docents can be found in each gallery. If you can manage steps, there is the “X-Ride Theater.”  The Dome Theater, which houses the Imax Experience and Planetarium, is handicapped accessible.

Snacks are available at the Red Planet Café, on the main floor.

Spacious, easily accessible, handicapped restrooms are located on the main level.


    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  close
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  na
    Paths and walkways:  paved street
    Doors:  handicapped assist button
    Number of floors:  3
    Elevators:  one
    Ramps:  none
    Steps and staircases:  staircase to second floor
    Width of aisles:  wide open areas
    Places to sit:  seats in cafe
    Location of restrooms:  main floor
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall
    Ease of entry and exit:  easy access
    Baby changing station:  yes
    Available food services:  cafe on main floor
    Friendliness of staff:  friendly and helpful

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The Cradle of Aviation Museum is amazing! It is a fascinating place.  It was interesting to us to find out that aviation began on Long Island. The Lunar Module was actually built there.

The Museum is easily navigable. On the day we visited, there were many people with various challenges easily getting around. Be advised that there is only one elevator, so there may be a wait. The exhibits are on the ground and in the air, and can be easily seen. There are knowledgeable and helpful volunteers throughout the building. They are willing to tell you anything you ever wanted to know about air travel and airplanes.

There are accessible restrooms in two locations on the main floor of the museum.

The first floor has a cafeteria with limited choices.   A gift shop is also located on this floor.

We saw a wonderful documentary in the Dome Theater, which is also the planetarium. Optimum viewing seems to be from the highest seats. If you want to sit here, and have difficulty climbing stairs or are in a wheelchair, take the elevator to the third level of the museum. You can get into the theater from here.

A small Firefighters’ Museum, which charges a separate fee, is located inside this venue.

The Cradle of Aviation Museum is a destination for everyone. Plan to stay awhile because there is much going on here.

As always, we at Destination Accessible advise you to check a venue’s website,, when planning a visit, to “know before you go.”



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