25 Lloyd Harbor Road, Lloyd Harbor, New York 11743

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(631) 423 - 1770

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Caumsett State Historic Park & Preserve


Caumsett is located at 25 Lloyd Harbor Road, Lloyd Harbor, NY. Parking is either on gravel or grass. There are no dedicated handicapped spaces.

There is a paved, two mile path from the parking areas to the main house and view of Oyster Bay Harbor. There are three sets of benches (on the grass) for the first mile. After that, there are no benches until you reach the main house (about another mile).

There are restrooms in two locations. One is located in a building near the parking areas. There are multi-stall, restrooms with a handicapped-stall, and a handicapped-accessible, family restroom with a baby-changing station. It is necessary to traverse cobblestones to reach it. The other restrooms, multi-stall with a handicapped-accessible stall, are located at the other end of the paved path, in the Masters' Garage, near the main building. It is necessary to traverse an unpaved area to get to them.


    Attraction Type:  parks
    Number of handicapped spaces:  none
    Location of handicapped spaces:  na
    Surface of lot:  gravel, grass, dirt
    Distance to venue:  depends on where you have to park
    Transportation to venue offered:  no
    Terrain:  paved main path, first mile is flat, second mile a bit "up and down"
    Places to rest:  3 sets of benches in first mile, second mile, no benches until you get to the main building
    Paths and walkways:  main walkway paved, other trails not paved
    Location of handicapped entrance:  no entrance, this is a park
    Doors:  na
    Number of floors:  na
    Elevators:  na
    Ramps:  na
    Steps and staircases:  none
    Width of aisles:  na
    Places to sit:  3 sets of benches in first mile of paved path, second mile no benches until you get to the main house
    Location of restrooms:  One set located near parking area, other restrooms located in Masters' Garage (at other end of paved walk)
    Type of restroom:  both building have multi-stall, with handicapped-accessible stall and wheelchair-accessible sinks. Restroom near the parking area has a handicapped-accessible, family restroom with baby-changing station
    Ease of entry and exit:  OK - doors were all open
    Baby changing station:  yes
    Available food services:  Caumsett Cafe
    Friendliness of staff:  staff in cafe very pleasant

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Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve consists of “1350 acres of land situated on a scenic peninsula extending into Long Island Sound.” (web) It has bridle paths, walking, jogging, hiking, cross-country skiing and nature trails, in a beautiful setting. It was named by Marshall Field after its Matinecock Indian name, which means “place by a sharp rock.” (web) It was acquired by New York State in 1961 and we are lucky enough to have it open for all to enjoy. It is a beautiful place, amazing to think that it was home to one family. It is lovely to walk the path and take in nature all around us. 

We had not been here in several years and decided it might be a good place for a lovely, socially-distanced walk. Based on the number of parked cars we found when we arrived, we thought the social-distancing part might be difficult. We decided to park and check it out – if it was too crowded we would return to the car and move on. Parking is all on gravel or dirt. There is much more parking than there appears to be in the first parking area you come to. Go to the left, rather than the right and you will find much more parking. If you have a passenger that might have a difficult time with the gravel, you can drop him/her off at the paved path and then park. 

As we began walking, it was clear that, although there were more than a few people enjoying the park, it was very easy to keep far apart.

I had remembered the park as having a wide, well-paved path from the parking area, past the stables, and on to the main house and hill overlooking Oyster Bay Harbor. It is fairly even for the first mile or so, then it becomes a bit of an up and down walk. I also remembered that there was almost no place to rest along the way. As we began our walk I was sad to see that my memory was correct.  For the first mile, there are three sets of benches, none of which is close to the path. They are set back on the grass, which could make it difficult for someone who has a mobllity challenge to easily access them. It would certainly be difficult to push a wheelchair over to them. For the second mile, there are no benches at all. One cannot sit down until you arrive at the main house. I realize that it was foolish of me, but I thought that perhaps they might have added some seating! Wrong! The trip is about two miles each way.

If you want to see the gorgeous view of the Harbor, you need to walk the gravel path around the main house. In the back, the path ends and one must walk on the grass to take in the view. For the hardly, it is possible to go down the steep hill to the water. We walked part of the way down, until it got too steep for me. If you can do it, I’m sure it is lovely.

We were happy to find one of the two benches at the top of the hill empty. We sat down to enjoy the view of this beautiful, clear, October day. 

Restrooms are located at either end of the park. Near the parking areas, there are multi-stall restrooms in the building opposite the Caumsett Cafe, where one can get some prepackaged items and drinks. These buildings are not on the paved path. You must go over cobblestones to get to them.The multi-stall restroom has a large handicapped-accessible stall and wheelchair-accessible sinks. This building also has a handicapped-accessible, family restroom, complete with a baby-changing station. There is a sign saying that the restrooms are cleaned periodically during the day.  Unfortunately, there was no hand-sanitizer near the restrooms, nor anywhere in the park.

The other restrooms are in the “Master Garage”  building, near the main house. Unfortunately, as with the other restrooms, there is no paved path to this building.

Even with these possible downsides, Caumsett is a beautiful place, even if you can only manage part of it. We had thought that we would get to see color in the leaves. Alas, it seems that we will have to return in a couple of weeks for that show.

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