317 Main Street, Farmingdale, New York 11735

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(516) 512-5317

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317 Main Street


317 Main Street, is located at 317 Main Street, Farmingdale. Parking may be found on the street, or in a nearby Municipal lot behind the building.

Street-level, double doors lead directly into the restaurant. There is a push-button, assist  to open the door. A full-height bar is to the right. Tables and banquettes with ample space between them,  take up the remainder of the large dining area.. There is an eight seat, full-height  counter facing the open kitchen. There is also a street-level, single door from the municipal parking lot to the restaurant.

Multi-stall restrooms with a large, accessible stall and accessible sinks are located in the hallway between the main dining area and the music space in the rear.

There are another set of multi-stall restrooms, with an accessible stall and sink in the rear of the event space, near the rear door.

Outdoor dining is available on Main Street and in igloos and greenhouses in the back.


    Attraction Type:  dining
    Number of accessible spaces:  there are many in the large, municipal lot
    Location of accessible spaces:  throughout the municipal lot
    Surface of lot:  paved
    Distance to venue:  depends on where you park
    Transportation to venue offered:  na
    Terrain:  flat
    Places to rest:  na
    Paths and walkways:  concrete sidewalk, stone walkway in front of entrance
    Location of accessible entrance:  both - Main Street and back of venue
    Doors:  Street-level, double doors with push-button assist
    Number of floors:  1
    Elevators:  none
    Ramps:  none- slight incline to front entrance
    Steps and staircases:  none
    Width of aisles:  spacious throughout
    Places to sit:  tables, banquettes, full-height bar, and counter
    Location of restrooms:  in hallway between main dining area and music space
    Type of restroom:  multi-stall with large, accessible stall, accessible sink
    Ease of entry and exit:  ok
    Baby changing station:  no
    Available food services:  brunch, lunch, dinner
    Friendliness of staff:  very friendly, and efficient
    Notes:  * parking may be found on the street or in the Municipal lot a block away - behind the restaurant ** accessible spaces are located throughout the Municipal lot

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We have been fortunate to have eaten at 317 Main several times. This, however, was my first experience at a business event there.

Located on Main Street in Farmingdale, you may find street parking or go around the block to the large municipal lot behind the building. If going from the street, you will find a street level double door entrance with a slight incline and push button assist. If coming from the parking lot you will find a large, street-level, single door. This door gets you to the back of their large event space, You will need to walk through here to the restaurant proper.

The restaurant is quite spacious.  The floors are smooth wood and there is ample space throughout to navigate. You will find a full-height bar, both high and low top tables, and banquettes. None of the chairs have arms. If you crave an intimate event with the chef you can try for the “Chef’s Table,” where you will sit at the counter facing directly into the kitchen. “Chopped Champion,” Eric Levine bring his talents to a tasting menu for a few diners at a time. No matter where you sit or whether you come for lunch, brunch or dinner, you are in for a treat. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients are combined in a creative manner that make each item unique and delicious. If you prefer, there are some tables on Main Street as well.We have always found the service to be very friendly and professional.

As I stated at the outset, this was my first visit for a business event. As a buffet event, I was not expecting anything special. Boy, was I wrong.  Every dish was amazing. I tried them all – chicken, steak, fish, vegetarian. Each had an interesting and delicious flavor. The accompanying sides were also wonderful. Must also mention that the tables were nicely set, with enough room for all.

Multi-stall restrooms, with a large, accessible stall and sink are located in the hallway between the dining room and event area  Unfortunately there are still no baby-changing facilities.  There are also multi-stall restrooms, with an accessible stall in the rear of the event space, close to the rear entrance. 

Make sure to check out their “event calendar”  as well, “Stage 317.”

317 Main has always been a place for a great meal.

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