TSA Cares – A Helpline for Travelers with Disabilities - 12/09/21

by Roberta Rosenberg

I recently found out about “TSA Cares, a helpline from the Transportation Security Administration, that provides travelers with disabilities, medical conditions and other special circumstances additional assistance during the security screening process.” (TSA website)  The website states that “this is only available for help through the screening checkpoint. If you need in flight assistance or wheelchair assistance from curb to flight, you need to contact your airline.”

Although I have not called myself, I have spoken to several people who have utilized it. They feel that it is very worthwhile and each spoke of the positive experiences they had.

This program seems to offer more help to passengers than just having a wheelchair brought to them. Here are some examples of assistance that are listed on the website: 

- difficulty standing or waiting in line; 

- difficulty following instructions; 

- mobility limitations, including lifting your arms; 

- internal/external body devices; 

- transporting medically necessary liquids, gases, etc. over 3.4 ozs; 

- religious or cultural items;

- concerns regarding screening for transgender or gender diverse individuals.  

You can check the website for more examples (www.tsa.gov)  and call for clarification of your personal needs and to request assistance. (855) 787-2227. The website states that you should call if your flght is within 72 hours. If it is before that you can either call or click the link on the TSA website to fill out the required form.

We at Destination Accessible, believe that one should always check a website to “know before you go.” We believe you should take the time to look at "www.tsa.gov>travel>passengersupport"  to find out more about it before giving them a call. 

Whatever your destination we wish you a good flight!