Things to Do At Home During Covid – no electronics needed! - 01/16/21

compiled by Roberta Rosenberg - Destination Accessible US, Inc.

Note: The following suggestions are a result of my research. It is by no means complete. Since I grew up long before electronics became a necessity in our lives, I drew on things my family, friends and I used to do and enjoy. I’m sure you will be able to add more.

- complete a puzzle you have - trade puzzles with others
- do crossword puzzles, Suduko, or other word games- start a journal about  this time (I used to keep a “diary”)- meditate- practice yoga

- write actual letters to family and/or friends

- get a pen pal

- knit, crochet, needlepoint, hook a rug

- paint, draw,  learn to scrapbook,

- interview grandparents, parents, other relatives or friends

over the phone - save the audio and create a story about

the person

- write a book with your family - choose a topic - each person

writes a chapter on the topic 

- look at family photos - make a photo collage for your room of

for a gift

- make birthday cards in advance

- learn calligraphy

- create a list of things you want to do when we get out again

- get a free trial of a TV streaming service and binge watch as

much as you can before it expires  (be careful of end date)

- watch a tv show at the same time as a friend - talk on the 

phone as you watch or as soon as it is over

- try new recipes - or learn to cook or bake

- libraries are open for “pick-up” borrow a really long movie

you have always wanted to watch

- borrow a cookbook

- borrow videos

- borrow books on topics that interest you