Long Island Restaurants Requiring Proof of Covid Vaccination for indoor dining - 01/03/22

by Roberta Rosenberg

Happy New Year!  2022 has certainly arrived with a punch. Most of us believed that things would be much better by now.  Unfortunately, Covid had a different idea and brought us Omicron, in full force just as this New Year arrived. I would venture to say that, at the very least,  most of us are really tired of dealing with it. That being said, we still do need to be careful, both for ourselves, loved ones, co-workers, etc. 

Even though we want to be careful, some still want to go out to meet friends for dinner, etc. Masks are required in many places, with enforcement being rather lax. New York City has met the problem by requiring vaccinations for restaurants and other indoor spaces. Long Island has not embraced this line of thinking, but some Long Island restaurants have taken it upon themselves to do what NYC has done, and require proof of vaccination for indoor dining.

This article is not about accessibility for those with mobility challenges. It is about venues that are requiring proof of Covid vaccination for indoor dining.  The information comes from a Newsday article by Erica Marcus. Before I list the places, I must caution you to check for yourself, if the policy is still in existence when making a reservation.  I discovered that several of the restaurants I initially knew about have since changed their policies. During these uncertain times things can change quickly. As we tell visitors to our website, www.destinationaccessible.org, you always need to check a venue’s website, or call personally, to “know before you go,” for up-to-the-minute information. 

If you visit any of these venues, please share with our their policies,  as well as their accessibility.  If you know of any others, we would love to add them to our list. The only one we have personally visited was West End Cafe, and that was well before Covid. 

1. West End Cafe, Carle Place, www.westendli.com, (516) 294-5605 

2. Kristi Mediterranean Grill, Woodbury,  www.krinti.com, (516) 224-4661

3. Sandbar, Cold Spring Harbor, www.sandbar.com, (631) 498-6188

4. Takumi, Commack, www.takuminy.com, (631) 543-0101

5. Grasso’s, Cold Spring Harbor, www.grassosrestaurant.com (631) 367- 6060

6. BTW, Oceanside, www.btwoceanside.com, (516) 208-5322

7. Black Sheep Ale House, Mineola, www.blacksheepalehouse.com. (516) 307 - 1280