Accessibility on Broadway - 10/28/22

Having not been to a Broadway Theater in more than three years, we decided it was time to return.

We chose a show to see and purchased tickets. On our way into Manhattan, we talked about the theaters and their accessibility. In 2021 I had read hat the Jujamcyn Theater Group had settled a lawsuit and was going to make all five of their theaters accessible. This is the third large theater group that has agreed to improving its theaters for people with disabilities. With the improvements in the Shubert and Nederlander organizations, there will now be 22 broadway theaters that will be available to those with varying disabilities. That is about half of the Broadway theaters. Although it should be all theaters, this is an improvement over what has been in the past. 

Just knowing that these theaters are “accessible” is not enough in itself. More information is needed. The good news is that detailed information about accessibility is available for all to see. You just need to know where to look.

We found two very helpful sites, and, provided a wealth of information about accessibility in specific theaters.

For those who know TDF (Theater Development Fund), Theater Accessibility NYC is a collaboration between them and The Broadway League. Their website says, “…theater is for everyone…Broadway should be accessible for everyone regardless of disability. Theater Access NYC brings all the information you need to plan your trip to Broadway, together in one easy-to-manage place.” This website offers lots of detail. is another site we think is quite valuable. It has detailed accessibility information on more than 40 Broadway theaters, from getting into the theater to specifics about seating, restrooms, etc. 

One needs to visit these websites to get a better understanding of how valuable they are. We hope you will do that to have the best theater experience you can.   Enjoy!